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Host Families

Housing Families Needed

The Blaine Energy are looking for you!!

We are in need of housing families in the northwest metro for the 2016-2017 season.  

If you are interested, please contact



Billet Family Information
The Blaine Energy is now taking host family applications for the 2016-2017 year.  As we embark on our 6th season the Housing Director is seeking families willing to open their homes to Energy Junior Hockey athletes. These billet families will be an integral part of the success of the organization.
The Blaine Energy is a team comprised of 25 high-school and post high school age players from across the country. 
It is the goal of the Energy Hockey to provide its athletes with the best education possible while teaching them the necessary skills and knowledge required to become an elite hockey player.  Through the sport of hockey we will teach our athletes teamwork, leadership, and respect while taking part in the experience of a lifetime.
The billet families play a vital role in the ultimate success of our athletes.  They will provide strong role models, authority figures and a supportive family environment that will make a significant difference in the lives of the young men who have left their families to pursue their dreams.  The benefits derived by players from their billet families are truly immeasurable.
The Blaine Energy greatly appreciates those considering serving as billet families for the 2016 – 2017 seasons.  The information below outlines the benefits and responsibilities involved in serving as a Billet family.  Closer to the start of the season, each Billet family will be provided with the “Rules & Regulations” section of the player’s contract to ensure that they know exactly what is expected of our players during their time with us.
Thank you for taking the time to read the following information and considering the opportunity to change the life of a young man.  Please feel free to contact any of the billet coordinator if you have any questions or need further information.  After reviewing the information, if you want to pursue the possibility of billeting a player, please contact us for information
A Note From The Billet Coordinator
The billet family plays a key role in the development and success of the player.  It involves billeting families who open their homes to out-of-town, out-of-state, out-of-country players and provides an opportunity for these young men to pursue the next step in their developing hockey careers.
Your responsibilities will begin mid August and will extend through March.
The Energy will provide you with guidelines for billet family conduct and expectations, a game schedule with home and away games and tournaments, a player code of conduct, and a personal information sheet, which will provide you with the important data about your player, and a billet contact list, with names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers of all the players and billets.
Below is a summary of information families interested in billeting a player(s) from the Energy need to know before committing to the experience:
1.    Your player would need to have his own room.
2.    A monthly stipend will be paid to help cover your player’s grocery expenses.  Your monthly food bill will substantially increase as it will be your responsibility to make sure the player’s meals are provided for.  (The player and his family are responsible for covering his own personal needs.) Please be aware that players have a large food requirement because of the physical demands of the training schedule.
3.    Your player will attend some sort of schooling or a work schedule.
4.    Your player will have to provide his own transportation.  Players and billet families will work out specific details as pertains to their individual situations.
5.    Although you are not the player’s parent, you will need to set rules and expectations for him to follow while he’s living in your home.  Your player will respect the rules and expectations of your household.  Players will also abide by the Code of Conduct outlined by the Energy and the USPHL.
6.    As a billet family you will receive 2 season passes per player you billet.
7.    While the billet experience is, for the most part, a positive and enriching one, occasionally the situation does arise where the player/family match does not work out.  In that event, the Energy will do whatever it can to make the necessary changes so that the player, his parents, and the billet family are happy and comfortable with their arrangements.  Please feel free to contact the Billet Coordinator with any concerns.
8.    The coordinator asks that potential billet families complete a billet application form.  Once the application is processed, we will schedule an interview.  Please be aware that following the interview the Energy will require a criminal records check and an intervention records check on all adults living in the home.
Billet Family Information ~ Conduct and Expectations
1.       Billet Family Stipend / Benefits
·      A)     Payment – Families who host a player will be paid a stipend of $350.00 per month for each player that they house.
·      B)     Season Tickets – Two season tickets for each player housed to each billet family for admission to all Blaine Energy home games.
2. What the Billet Family Provides
·      A)     Room – Billet families provide a private bedroom for the player. Players should not be housed in a room with younger members of the Billet family.  The Billet home should be tidy and organized.
·      B)     Board – Meals and toiletries are provided for the player by the Billet family.
·      C)     Monitoring of Behavior – Billet families assists the Energy management by ensuring that each player complies with the Energy/USPHL Rules and Regulations.  In addition, Billet families may impose additional rules     that apply to your home.
·      D)     Internet Access – Billet families are responsible to provide internet access to the player.
3. Things the Billet Family Does Not Provide
·      A)     Non-Essential Items – The purchase of non-essential items by the player is not the financial responsibility of the Billet family.  Players must provide for those items which may include items such as cologne, shampoos, medications, etc.
·      B)     Transportations – Players must be able to provide their own transportation.  However if a Billet family chooses to provide transportation, it is highly recommended that the player is not allowed to drive a Billet family vehicle.  If a player is allowed to drive a Billet family vehicle, the family should verify insurance coverage for the player with their insurance agency in advance.
·      C)     Long Distance Telephone – Players and Billet families will work out specific details as pertains to their individual situations.
·      D)     Electronics – Billet families are not required to place televisions, telephones, stereos, computers, or any other electronics equipment in the player’s room. If the family has a television in that room and wishes to leave it there for the player’s use, that is appropriate, however, it is not required.
4.       Housing
·      A)     Arrival – Each player will arrive mid to late August, a date dependent upon the preseason practice schedule.
·      B)     Scheduling – Billets will be provided with a full schedule of home and away games and tournaments.
·      C)     Billet Family Absences – Players will not be left alone without adult supervision overnight. If a Billet family has vacation plans that will result in an overnight absence, the Billet family will need to make alternate arrangements with another approved billet family until their return.  Please inform the head coach and the Billet Coordinator of the temporary changes.
·      D)     Family Visitors – Girlfriends or female companions will not be permitted to stay overnight in the billet home when visiting a player. Players will not be allowed to reside with girlfriends or female companions at other homes or other accommodations.
·      E)     Departure – Housing continues through the end of March. Compensation for families after the end of the season must be agreed upon between the parent and the billet family.  The Energy will not collect or disburse funds for periods outside the agreed contract.  Billets will be compensated for months. Sept. – March inclusive.
5. Billet Family Information
·      A)     Background Checks – The Energy/USPHL is required to conduct background checks on all adults living in a Billet family home.  The adults will be asked to fill out a Screening Release Form.  The information is then compared with a government database to ensure that the players are placed in a safe environment.  All information obtained during this process will remain strictly confidential between management and the adults within the Billet family home.  No additional information or effort beyond completion of the Screening Release Form is required on the part of the Billet family to finalize the background check.
·      B)     In order to place the most compatible player with each Billet family, both the player and the family submit information forms to the Energy Billet Coordinator.  As player selections are made, the forms are compared to find the player most suitable for each Billet family home.  In most cases, the players will not come from identical backgrounds as those of the Billet family but will come from compatible situations which result in limited adjustment for the players and the families.
·      C)     Communication – Communication is important! In addition to keeping communication open between you and your player and between you and the Organization, talking with the player’s parents is vital.  Continual contact and communication with your player’s parents is highly encouraged.  The player and Billet family are encouraged to open communication to discuss arrival times and other issues.  Personal introductions most likely will take place in the opening weekend which will be mid to late August.
·      D)     Billet families will be asked to put together and mail a welcoming package for their player prior to their arrival. A simple introduction of yourselves and your family to help ease the adjustment for the player and his family. 
6. Drug and Alcohol Use
·      A)     No illicit drugs may be provided to or used around any player.
·      B)     No prescription drugs may be provided to any player unless prescribed by a doctor.
·      C)     No alcohol may be provided to any player.
7. General Conduct and Consequences
·      A)     Billet families should provide each player with a positive experience during the player’s stay in the Blaine area.  In the event there are issues that arise regarding a person other than the player that affects the player or living situation, please contact the coaching staff or the Billet Coordinator. Please do not discuss such matters with the players.
·      B)     Inappropriate behavior in violation of this Conduct and Expectations agreement will be subject to review by the Energy president/ceo and/or head coach and subject to appropriate discipline up to and including losing billet home status.
8.       Player/ Billet Family Introductions
·      A)     Information regarding the player will be provided to the Billet family prior to his arrival.
Contact Us
Families interested in housing a player or players are asked to contact: