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Energy Coaching Staff Mission Statement



It is the Energy’s mission to develop young athletes in a junior hockey environment and present them with an opportunity to train and develop into NEXT LEVEL players. To provide athletes with quality coaching instruction, for men’s hockey by teaching the athletes about, nutrition, fitness, strength, and mental conditioning.
Our coaches demand that Energy athletes come ready to endure a disciplined, hard working, high intense practice schedule. We expect the Energy athletes to come ready to work and develop not only on individual skills, but also team building as well every day of practice.  In Addition, we expect the Energy athletes to be game ready to play and put team first, to put everything they have on the ice to be open to the goals, objectives of the Blaine Energy.
With our highly certified and professional staff along with our State of the Art facilities, we offer a unique opportunity for our athletes to maximize skill development along with strength, conditioning and agility.
Our passion for this sport is demonstrated by the commitment of the coaches, administrators, parents and most importantly our players on a daily basis in and out of the rinks.
We are intent on developing character, sportsmanship and physical fitness that will last a lifetime.
What should I expect if I become an Energy Team Player?
·        To increase our players' visibility by showcasing their hockey talents for junior scouts, college coaches, and pro scouts.
·        To develop the players' work ethic via comprehensive training and practice regimens.
·        To hone our players' skills by providing the opportunity to play in a highly competitive environment.
·        To maintain our players' amateur status as defined by the NCAA standards.
·        To provide the guidance necessary for our players to mature socially and emotionally.
·        We also believe in developing young men as citizens.  We work in the community to give back and make the place we live and play a better place. This includes helping younger hockey players, volunteering in the community and being role models for all,  young people, Energy players encounter.
·        We look forward to helping you reach your goals.  Please feel free to contact us to find out what makes us different.  Find out how we can help you reach your goals.  You will be pleasantly surprised.