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Energy Changes Management In The USPHL

 The Energy Hockey Club witnessed changes in the past few years, with challenges in the tier III junior hockey model that created difficulties in maintaining a full roster. We had to decide what would be in the best interest for our athletes. I knew we had to make a move, so we gave up management of operations to the Dibble Group in Oct. of 2016, with the understanding that they had access to more players and, could give the Energy’s 2016/2017 team one more year of play in the USPHL Elite league.

We at the Energy Hockey Club would like to thank all our past athletes, of whom we have had the honor of being part of their lives for the past several years.

We had many players come through our locker room with ambitious goals. Many of these goals were accomplished with hard work, dedication and the opportunities provided by playing for the Energy Hockey organization

We would like to thank the Energy Past Coaches: Don Babineau who was always dedicated to the athlete. Dennis Johnson who gave his time and knowledge of the game. Don Morris, whose dedication to us and the athlete was incredible. Chad Ballard whose love of the game, dedication, knowledge, and his message of never give up on yourself or your team will never be forgotten.  Also, special thanks to the Energy staff for their years of loyal service; Bruce Kotval (Medical), Jeff Huffman (Media), Heather  (Videographer), Eric Wicklund (photographer), and many others who have worked with us over the years, you will all forever be part of our hockey family.  

I would like to give you one more thought. The game of Hockey is a game like no other, it’s about dedication, commitment, learning that when you fall you always get back up, never letting your frustrations get to you, and being that teammate who relishes in your teammates’ success before your own. Now, I know that winning is one of the best feelings you will ever have, however life lessons learned by getting knocked down and getting back up in this game we call hockey; that I love, will always make you a better person in life’s journey.



Energy Organization

Cal Ballard

President Energy Hockey

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